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Published Stories
Stories to Share


The Teaching and Learning for Peace Foundation seeks to share good news and peace-building stories and writings via this website with both adults and children. Our intention is to help counterbalance the negative images and share stories that do honour our commonality, humanity and hope for peace.

a good peace-building story to begin with:

The Mouse and the Light

A peace fable for children of all ages by Lisa Suhay

Read About: Peace-building Stories and Peace-builders from Around the World



Dr Hamid Hossaini Peace Advocate of the United Nations story Pikinini Belong Peace

Dr Ralph Summy and an Indian folk lore

Dr Sri Sridharan storyteller and founder of TrustNet, MowkaLab and Technology Initiatives for Peace

Timothy Gachanga and peace-building stories for children

Hassaun Ali Jones-Bey is an inspirational writer, storyteller and musician at The Peace Jungle

Dwarko Sundrani one of the last active direct disciples of Mahatma Gandhi

John McConnell -- The Man Who Started Earth Day

Jim McGinnis and stories from the Institute of Peace and Justice

Nina Meyerhof and the Children of the Earth

Magnus Bergmar and the The Worldīs Childrenīs Prize for the Rights of the Child (WCPRC)

Dr Charles Mercieca Ph D is President of the International Association of Educators for World Peace

Andrew Kutt and the Election of Peace

Micael Ross positive stories from his work in prisons

Nina Kostova of The First Children's Embassy announcement

Chris Kaiffer...The Power of Purpose

Chiara Venturi and peace-building stories from the IPB Italia

Edna and Yehuda Calo' Livne of Bereshit Leshalom.... The Children of the Rainbow Theatre

Letter to Kadreya: from Haifa to Cairo with autobiographical story from Ada Aharoni

Legacy of a Nonviolent Political Leader by Glenn Paige

Trombin Massimo of the International Relief Friendship Foundation

  "Ten Stories the World Should Hear More About"

To shine a spotlight on some of the important international issues and developments that often do not get sufficient media attention, the United Nations Department of Public Information presents this new initiative: See the link with the DPI new initiative at

More peace-building stories to read and share together:

Eleanor's Dove

The Tear Shedding Sailor